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Youth work

Bishopbriggs Youth Cafe

The youth café takes place every Friday from 6pm until 9.30pm. It is run by the young people in Bishopbriggs with support from a team of volunteers from our own church, and also past members of the youth café.


The youth café is a space for young people to hang out with their friends as well as learning the skills required to run the café. It also serves also as an outreach and a way to bless the community.

We want to see young people become valued community members and confident individuals and we enable this by befriending the young people and sharing our faith and lives with them.

We also have a youth cafe management team which is a group of young people from youth cafe that meet together to chat about how we can develop youth cafe as well as planning events.  This group aims to work in partnership with other community groups.  For example, they have have worked alongside Bishopbriggs Community Council by volunteering at the local gala day.

The youth cafe also has a street team who go out onto the streets of Bishopbriggs to do youth work wherever they meet the young people.

Youth Group and Youth Life Group

The youth group are our group of 12 to 18 year olds that meet during the service on a Sunday morning.  They worship together with the whole congregation and then head out to the youth cafe for their own talk.  We also have a youth life group that meets during the week for fellowship and discipleship. We occasionally run a Youth Alpha Course and have other social events. We enjoy going to retreats like Soul Survivor and Firestarters.

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