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There are lots of things we take for granted.


Take breathing for example… When our attention is drawn to our own breathing, it becomes obvious how much we depend upon oxygen to stay alive. It almost seems silly to tell ourselves to breathe – as if we could do anything else!

For us, prayer is like breathing - we can’t survive without it. It is a reflex that flows from our faith. It is something we do continually, almost effortlessly, ceaselessly. In fact, we believe within every human being is an impulse to pray. There are times we become conscious and mindful of praying. For example, during times of crisis, hardship, or a global pandemic.

Prayer permeates all we are in Bishopbriggs Community Church. We prioritise praying for our community and the people around us, as well as situations and people all across the globe. We are intentional about prayer, because we are passionate about Jesus.

Twice a year for a whole week our building becomes a 247 prayer monastery and our whole congregation joins together in prayer – usually in preparation for Pentecost and Advent.

We also use social media and conferencing facilities to unite together in prayer. Our Thursday evening prayer meeting has now moved to zoom, and takes place at 8.30pm. Please ping us an email if you would like to join with that, or if you would like to chat with someone. We would be glad to pray for you and with you.

Keep an eye on our events tab for up to date info on prayer gatherings. Under normal circumstances here's what takes place:

Thursday evenings from 8.30-9.30pm we have Evening Prayers on Zoom. This begins with a time of worship and we move on to intercessory prayer.

Sunday mornings from 10am we meet in the creche to pray before the weekly church service.

In addition, our church gathers throughout the week in smaller groups. Check out our Life Groups tab above for more info.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information on prayer.

We can provide you with a free Bible, or perhaps you would like a chat.

And if you haven’t given it much thought, its never too late to try praying:

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