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About us

When we talk about the church, we do not mean the building or the meetings. The church is the people of God. The Bible describes the church in many ways; like a bride, a family, a body, or a nation, or a living building. It’s a movement, not an institution.

At its heart, the church is a reflection of God himself. Christians believe in a God who not only values relationships, but is indeed relational in nature. We believe that the one God exists in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and this loving Trinitarian relationship is our model for how we want to be as a Church.

The church is the hope of the world, and to join it is to join a cause, a movement which Jesus called “the kingdom of God”. Our vision is to bring the kingdom of God, spoken of and demonstrated by Jesus, to our world – to see him at work in our midst through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Of course, we recognise and feel our imperfections, including death, pain and suffering, but we are assured these things will all end when Jesus returns. In the meantime we are like jars of clay filled with precious treasure to be shared, and we will carry one another’s burdens in the love of Christ until he returns.


We also firmly believe that just as God entered a specific time and place as Jesus Christ, the global church needs local expressions, and that the local church is God’s plan for rescuing a world in trouble. So as a gathered people we are committed to each other and to our local community. And when we go into many different sectors and spheres of life - family, school, uni, the workplace, recreation - we are still the church.

As people identify with our values and visions, they may wish to join us in this commitment. Joining a church (this one, or any other) should not be like becoming a member of a club. You don’t pay a subscription, sign a form or get a membership card. But it’s not something you do lightly, either. To belong to a church is to be committed to the people there, and to being part of the work of God in that place and beyond.

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