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247 Prayer- PENTECOST 2022

Welcome to the online prayer hub for the run up to Pentecost.


Twice a year we set aside 24 hours over a period of 7 days to tune in to God. But prayer is like breathing. Don't stop.

Every home is turned into a monastery or a hermitage. In case we thought monasticism was easy - just sitting meditating and praying - we are all realising these days how tough solitude can be. But it is also a narrow path to life in all its fulness.

All of us are thrust into a new way of living and relating that is quite alien to us. But we are in good company.

The monastic tradition, embracing solitude, has modelled the pursuit and practice of the presence of God.

And as we approach Pentecost, we draw hope and power from the amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day the Church was born. Our main focus this 247 is Isaiah 61, where we delve into the hope the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord gives to us all.

So as you approach Pentecost, take time to be creative. Make space to explore, and commune with Jesus.

You will find lots fo resources on the drop down menu, and some simple journeys to enter into.

In some cases you don't need to move from where you are sitting right now. Embrace your domestic situation.

See that it is holy ground. Venture outside into the garden, or go for a walk if it is safe for you to do so.

And may you experience the hope of the Spirit in these moments and days that lie ahead.


Feel free to explore the various links, suggestions, and prayer activities.  

You can look at the other tabs on the prayer menu above.

There's loads to delight your prayer-hungry soul!

If this is all new to you, have a look at the Why Pray video to begin. It's a great introduction.

And then go on your own adventure with God, because that's what prayer is.

Be blessed. God is with us. His Spirit is here.

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