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life groups

life groups

We currently have 6 life groups at BCC, including a youth group, a group that meets in a local coffee shop, and even a small Bible read through group. The majority of our church family are affiliated with a life group and they vary in times, days and frequency of meetings.

Life groups will serve different purposes for different people, but they are in place to help the body of the church practice its mission statement – to Love God and to Love Others.

Life groups are a safe place to practice spiritual gifts like, teaching, praying for healing, giving a word of knowledge, speaking in tongues to name but a few.  The more intimate (and often less scary than a Sunday morning!) environment helps us to love God by using the gifts he has  given us.  


Also, for many people the 7 days between Sunday morning meetings can seem like a long period to go without support and contact with other Christians, and midweek small groups help to provide that support so the body of the church is valued and built up.  It also provides the opportunity to get to know a smaller network of people that can sometimes be difficult to build upon within the larger setting of Sunday mornings. So life groups can be a place where real friendships are formed and the church can function relationally instead of on a  superficial level.

All this helps us at BCC to love others within the church body and to provide a structure which enables us to perform this on a practical level.  However, the life groups are not just there to only provide support for each other.  Each  group has its own particular interest in the wider community it finds itself in and we actively encourage our life groups to love others out with their own group.  This is done through placing prayer boxes in local shops, prayer walking around our streets, providing meals for new mums in the community, helping out at the local prison, litter picking in the park, running an Alpha Course or a Cafe Church event…. the list could go on!

If you are interested in joining a life group then have a look at the leaflet which lists each group and its interests to see which group you would most naturally affiliate with and either have a chat with one of the group’s leaders, or alternatively speak to, James, our church leader.

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