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Prayer Resources

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Why not sign up for the Lectio 365 series and dive deep in prayer during the lockdown. If you have a smartphone, the Lectio 365 free app is an amazing way to set a daily dose of God as a priority in your life. For more information just click on the 'How To Pray' image and it will take you straight to the website for a full introduction. You won't regret it. Literally millions of people all over the country are turning to prayer and reaching out to God. 

We have permission from HTB Church to share their Prayer Resources.

We think you will find loads of helpful stuff on their page.

Coronavirus Prayer

Pray specifically into the needs of our world in this Coronavirus climate. How we need God's help.

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A wealth of creative resources for praying in and around your home. A science experiment, a prayer white board in your kitchen or bedroom, whatever you usually do there are definitely more ideas here than you could need to keep praying in the home.

Just click on the image here and it will take you to a treasure trove of resources for installing your own prayer space at home.

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